Law Enforcement Advisory Board

 In 2004, the Vermont General Assembly created a Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) of the Department of Public Safety with authorizing language contained in T.24 V.S.A. § 1939.  The purpose of the Board is to advise the Commissioner of Public Safety, the Governor, and the General Assembly on issues involving the cooperation and coordination of all agencies that exercise law enforcement responsibilities.  Membership of the board is set by statute.  Each year the board identifies issues that are of importance to the law enforcement community, takes testimony on these matters and offers recommendations to advance the issues.  Often the Vermont legislature will provide the law enforcement advisory board with issues that require study.  The board then takes testimony and prepares written reports in support of the work that is accomplished.  The board uses a collaborative approach in its work, creating working groups from a variety of interested persons, organizations and/or subject matter experts.