Criminal Justice Services

Criminal Justice Services is a Division within the Department of Public Safety whose primary purpose can be summarized through two words - information and technology. Our role is to provide information using technology through the Vermont Forensic Laboratory and Vermont Criminal Information Center, as well as through our internal services of Electronic Communications and Information Systems.

While each section is very different in their purpose they all share two common threads. They all provide information to a diverse group of customers within the justice system. Advisory groups, task forces and policy councils guide the Division of Criminal Justice Services and its sections in its effort to provide services to all our users.

In 1995 there was recognition the infrastructure within the Department of Public Safety and the many systems within the Department needed to be upgraded and expanded. It was felt the best way to achieve this during such hard economic times as Vermont was facing was to create a new Division that did not have to compete for the same budget dollars as the Vermont State Police. Criminal Justice Services was created as a means to garner widespread support for the upgrading of key systems within the criminal justice community.


Vermont Criminal Information Center

The Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC) internet site has been designed to provide extensive information on many of our various programs to include pertinent program instuctions, FAQ's, and downloadable forms.  Additional informational links and some slide show presentations can also be found on our site to assist you in getting the information you need.


Vermont Forensic Lab

The Vermont Forensic Lab is the only forensic laboratory in the State of Vermont and provides services to the entire criminal justice system. Police officers representing local and state agencies, in addition to game wardens, state's attorneys' investigators and public defenders all bring evidence to the laboratory for examination.