Department of Public Safety

Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Emergency Management & Homeland Security

The Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) provides aid, support, and coordination to Vermont’s Local Emergency Management Directors, Local Emergency Planning Committees, Regional Planning Commissions, Community Emergency Response Teams, state agencies, and emergency response providersto ensure that the state is adequately prepared for any kind of large scale emergency incident. 

State Police

The Vermont State Police consists of 327 sworn members, approximately 90 emergency communication dispatchers and civilian support staff. Every day members make a difference in the safety of Vermonters and visitors alike.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

The multi-faceted mission of the Division of Fire Safety is to protect the public and the fire service with coordinated efforts in code enforcement, fire service training, public education, hazardous materials and incident investigation thereby reducing the loss of life and property due to fire and other emergencies in the State of Vermont.


Criminal Justice Services

Welcome to the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Criminal Justice Services is a Division within the Department of Public Safety whose primary purpose can be summarized through two words - information and technology. We see our role as providing information through the use of technology.