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Account Termination/Suspension/Military Leave/Primary Agency Change/Transfer to Another State Agency

Activity Log for Overtime

BUI Affidavit - Blood

BUI Affidavit - Infrared

Building Access Form AC-100

CUSI Intake Form

Death in Custody Report Form

Death Investigation

Department of Motor Vehicles

DPS 113 - Maintenance Form

DPS 145 - Loss or Damage to Equipment

DPS 152 - Travel Authorization Form

DUI Affidavit - Blood (DOC) (PDF)

DUI Affidavit - Infrared

DUI Affidavit 1-A

DUI Blood Search Warrant

--DUI Blood Search Warrant Tutorial--

DUI - Commercial Vehicle .04% Violation - Blood

DUI - Commercial Vehicle .04% Violation - Infrared

DUI - Guide and Flow Chart

DUI - Independent Sample Blood Drawing Facilities Handout Sheet

Fatal Crash Notification


Holiday Stats - Station Report (Operation Care) - DPS 259

Holiday Stats Data Collection Form (Operation Care) - DPS 259a

Leave Authorization 

Lost Person Questionnaire

Magnet Atlas

NCIC Entry Forms (CJIS Launch Pad)

New User Form (New form that must be filled out by the hiring manager.  Hiring manager will get a link to approve the form after submitting.  New employee will get a link to the VIBRS policy to sign and return)

Polygraph Request 

P-Card - Forms

Remote Access User Agreement (Old SecureID Form)

Request to Recruit

Technology Request Form

Travel Authorization Form

Trooper Change Form

VCIC Images Line-up

Vermont Department of Finance

Vermont Forensic Lab

Vermont Judiciary

Vermont State Police Forms

VISION - Request Access