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VIBRS Bylaws

Bylaws of the Vermont Incident Based Reporting System (VIBRS) 
Advisory Board

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PREAMBLE.  Findings and Purpose

The users of the Vermont Incident Based Reporting System (VIBRS) network find that the following issues further the efficient and effective operation of the criminal justice system in Vermont.

1. A law enforcement records management system will aid in the statistical gathering of law enforcement incidents in the state and assist administrators in making sound decisions related to the allocation of resources.

2. The security of the system is necessary to protect the privacy and confidentiality rights of the users and the citizens of the State of Vermont.

3. This network should serve as a common communication platform for law enforcement in Vermont.

4. The integration of data from other sources in the criminal justice system should be promoted in all cases where it is feasible.

5. The network should be expanded to all law enforcement agencies in Vermont, as the sharing of information and the ability to easily communicate are important tools needed for the efficient and effective operation of law enforcement agencies.

6. The software, hardware and maintenance associated with the network should be cost efficient and meet the needs of the contributing agencies.

ARTICLE  I.  Creation and Name

Out of all the contributing agencies using the VIBRS network there is hereby created a VIBRS Advisory Board.

ARTICLE  II.  Purpose

The VIBRS Advisory Board is created and shall provide advice and counsel to the Criminal Justice Services Division of the Vermont Department of Public Safety regarding the operation of the VIBRS network.

ARTICLE  III.  Membership

The membership of the VIBRS Advisory Board shall consist of eleven (11) representatives.  
The representatives will be from “contributing” agencies (as defined by the VIBRS Advisory Board).  These representatives will be individuals who have authorization to make decisions and authorize policy regarding VIBRS issues. 

Representatives shall be in place until:

a) He/she elects to conclude their time of service from the Advisory Board; or

b) He/she is absent from three consecutive Advisory Board meetings (exceptions can be granted under extraordinary circumstances by majority vote).

New representatives shall be appointed by the Advisory Board to replace a member who is terminating. The appointment of a new representative shall require a 2/3 majority vote by the members of the Advisory Board. 

Every effort will be made to ensure that the membership of the VIBRS Advisory Board is representative of the VIBRS user community both in agency size and geography.

ARTICLE  IV.  Responsibilities

The VIBRS Advisory Board shall be responsible for reviewing policy, technical and operational issues related to the operation and use of the VIBRS network. The Advisory Board shall forward recommendations to the Director of Criminal Justice Services or designee.

ARTICLE  V.  Officers

The VIBRS Advisory Board shall appoint a chairperson and a pro tem chairperson. The chairperson shall:

•    Be responsible for calling meetings of the Advisory Board. 
•    Assist in setting the agenda for meetings.
•    Be the presiding person at the meetings.

The chairperson shall serve for a term of one (1) calendar year and shall be elected by the members of the Advisory Board at an annual election to be held at the last meeting of the calendar year. A member shall serve in the capacity of chairperson for no more then three (3) consecutive terms.  In the event no election is held the current chairperson shall serve until he/she is replaced or a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms has been met.


ARTICLE VI.  Meetings

The VIBRS Advisory Board shall meet at least bimonthly. All meetings shall be conducted in compliance with Roberts Rules of Order (latest revision).

Any member of the group may designate a proxy for any meeting. Prior notification of the appointment of a proxy is not necessary; however, the proxy must be from the same agency or group of agencies the member is representing.  A proxy does not preclude the members obligation under Article III.

The agenda for the meetings and all information regarding agenda topics shall be distributed to the members at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting.

Minutes of the meetings shall be recorded and distributed to Advisory Board members, in draft form, as soon as possible after the last meeting but no later than ten (10) days in advance of the next meeting. Taking and transcribing the minutes of each meeting is the responsibility of Criminal Justice Services.

ARTICLE  VII.  Committees

The VIBRS Advisory Board shall form committees, as needed. They shall be made up of individuals from the Advisory Board, users and/or any interested person(s) who will contribute to the resolution of the issue being discussed or evaluated by the committee. A chairperson shall be appointed for each committee formed.  Committees shall report back to the VIBRS Advisory Board as required.

ARTICLE  VIII.  Miscellaneous

The Bylaws of the Advisory Board and an updated Advisory Board member list will be maintained by the division of Criminal Justice Services within the Vermont Department of Public Safety.  Upon any change to the Advisory Board membership, Criminal Justice Services will publish an updated list to all VIBRS users.

These by-laws were amended on September 2, 2003 at a regularly scheduled meeting of the VIBRS Advisory Board.