Vermont Justice Information Sharing System

The Vermont Justice Information Sharing System (VJISS) is a statewide portal used to share justice information between and among authorized users and systems.  It is designed to promote data-driven justice decisions, as well as enhance the effectiveness of justice policies and practices throughout the State of Vermont.   VJISS provides a suite of statewide data and information sharing tools to justice professionals and other stakeholders in support of more effective strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. For more information about analytics, please visit the Statistical Analysis Center page.


Click one of the buttons below to access the VJISS tool of your choice. If you were redirected here from the old VJISS webpage, you will find VCAMP under MAP and OffenderWatch under SEARCH.



VJISS Search

VJISS Search allows authorized users to search incident records in real-time for all law enforcement agencies in Vermont. Users can simultaneously query multiple systems on different elements such as name, incident number, vehicle, location, person identifiers, and/or demographics. Search is designed to enhance investigations, promote officer safety, and ensure the swift apprehension and timely consequences for criminal offenders.

VJISS Analyze

VJISS Analyze allows authorized users to access charts and graphs containing dashboards of information related to incidents and drug crimes. These dashboards are designed to provide users with statistical information on law enforcement activity for decision-making and deployment purposes. Users can view trends on top calls for service, crime types, and times of activity. They can also view information on drug crimes and arrests such as drug types, crime types, recidivism rates, and demographics.


VJISS Alert allows authorized users to sign up for email notifications alerting them when new incident records are created that match certain criteria. Users can currently subscribe to notifications based on first name, last name, and/or date of birth. This notification system is designed to enhance case management efficiencies for justice partners, as well as improve criminal activity and recidivism tracking.


VJISS Map allows authorized users to map, visualize, and analyze incident patterns. Users can evaluate and analyze crimes, traffic incidents, and other activity to assist in their strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making. VJISS Map currently consists of incident data from the Spillman and Valcour CAD/RMS databases, as well as WebCrash data from the VTRANS/AOT database.

VJISS Exchange

VJISS Exchange allows authorized IT systems to exchange data between and among one another, which is especially critical when the systems are disparate and unique. This technology is designed to automatically push and pull data from one system to another based on certain criteria. It allows one justice agency to pull data from another justice agency and incorporate it into their own computer system for tactical and operational purposes.

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